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Everything an interior designer needs to know to give their clients a luxury experience while impressing builders and gaining referrals.

Join me for a 2-day in-person retreat in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona, or for a one-day intensive from the comfort of your own home!


  1. Designers looking to grow their profit by adding design for construction to their services.

  2. Designers looking to improve their specification book, finish schedules, and elevations for builders and tradesmen.

  3. Designers who want to improve their process from client onboarding to project closeout.


We will focus on your priorities, this is YOUR day! Here are some examples of topics we can tackle.

  • Learn how to develop and cultivate relationships with builders and architects

  • Pricing - Understand the different ways to price your services and determine what works best for you

  • Gain clarity on the construction timeline

  • Understand your role in the construction process to ensure you are delivering on time and on budget

  • Learn how easy it is to sell furnishing packages to your construction clients

  • The Spec Book - What is included and when should it be delivered to the builder

  • Create and develop your design process from client onboarding to completion of the home and all the steps in between. (template included)

  • Learn how to create a scope of work to help estimate your fees and to help avoid scope creep. (template included)

  • Finish Schedules - Understand how to create detailed finish schedules for builders and trades. (template included)

  • Elevations - Understand what information is critical to include on your elevations.

  • Understand the importance of time tracking to ensure profitability and accurate pricing on future jobs.


Step 1: Book your Blueprint for Construction intensive, either in person or virtual

Step 2: Schedule your 30 minute call to discuss your priorities for our session

Step 3: Arrive refreshed and ready to jump right into it!

Step 4: Schedule your 1 hour follow up call within 30 days of our session.


Jenny is an incredible wealth of knowledge. I am so grateful that she was willing to share the things that she has learned over the years as someone who is working and  thriving in the industry and her understanding of what a contractor or builder needs to know on the ground is absolutely so beneficial and helpful in how we structure our documents. I’ve seen tremendous growth in my business with the ability that I’ve had to be able to translate what she has taught me into how I communicate my design intention in the documents that I produce for the builders in my area.

If you're looking to work on the construction side of the interior design field in any capacity - you MUST work with Jenny! I can't say enough amazing things about the way she teaches the in depth materials. It's no fluff, implementable lessons that have given me clarity and elevated my business on a level I can't properly express in words. Thank you Jenny for the knowledge and for giving me exactly what I was looking for. 

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