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Often when your done moving into your new home, you’re so tired from unpacking, that you have no energy to think about putting the final finishing touches in the house. I wanted to share with you some "before & after" photos of a home I recently designed. The “before” photos aren’t bad, the house was built to our design specifications and looks nice, but you’ll see it’s missing those finishing touches that give a home it’s warmth and personality.

In the kitchen, we used beautiful Carrara marble on all the countertops and carried the stone backsplash to the ceiling for a more custom look. Although beautiful, it somehow feels stark and cold. The mix matched bowls and pottery in the cabinet and niches are a distraction to the space.

*In the descriptions of the photos below, I bolded some key elements for styling your home.

Kitchen {BEFORE}:

{AFTER}: We wanted to bring wood pieces into the kitchen to add warmth and a “rough” element to off set the polished marble, stainless steel, and brushed nickel hardware. Fresh flowers in the windows and niches add symmetry and softness to the room. We replaced the mix matched dishes with all white dinnerware that the client already had.

Different shapes, materials, and colors add visual interest to the room.

I realize you might not stage your home with lemon Pellegrino bottles, but a wooden bowl filled with lemons or apples will add a little pop of color to your countertop.

Master bathroom {BEFORE}:

I wish I had a picture before we added the reclaimed wood planking to the back wall. It was stark and cold. The reclaimed wood was a great way to add texture and warm up the space. 

Master bathroom {AFTER}:

We exchanged the all white towels with ones that had a band of grey and fringe at the bottom. The bathroom is large, so we broke up the expansive tile with a jute rug, replacing the small white mat. We added a potted plant and seagrass baskets to bring more natural elements into the space and add more texture. These items are all relatively inexpensive, but make a big impact on the space.

Her vanity {BEFORE}:

Her vanity {AFTER}:

Don’t be afraid to mix metals. The brass accents look right at home with the brushed nickel hardware and plumbing fixtures.

A tray is a great way to corral the items on your countertop. The brass accents add color and visual interest on the white marble.

You can’t go wrong with fresh flowers and pretty packaging.

Entry {BEFORE}: This lonely entry table, although beautiful, needed some life.

Entry {AFTER}:

The white vase pulls out the bone inlay of the chest and is perfect to hold the cherry blossom branches. The cherry blossoms give height and life to the entry. Stacking books is a great way to add height to objects you want to display as well as some color. 

Here are some links to the items I used.

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