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Before the remodel, you can see that there are lots of nooks, arches and walls at different angles. As a result the space feels cramped and cluttered. We had to leave some walls and create a post for structural support, but you'll see the dramatic impact removing a wall can make.


We removed the fireplace to achieve the open concept the client desired. Sometimes removing a fireplace can hurt resale, but not necessarily in Las Vegas, so the client was happy to see it go. So happy she took a hammer to it before the pros took over. :)


Although the photo (below) is taken from the opposite direction of the "before" photo, you can see how much room was gained by knocking down the wall and removing the fireplace.

This is exactly where the dividing wall and fireplace once stood. With it gone, the space feels open and brighter.


We turned what was once the family room (below) in to a stylish dining room and added a dutch door where the existing door is.


Changing the paint from yellow/gold to white played the biggest role in our transformation. Walls: Benjamin Moore, Swiss Coffee. Trim: Benjamin Moore, Simply White. And yes, we are waiting for the perfect chandelier!

The faux wood tile also played a key roll in the transformation. The herringbone pattern creates interest that a normal straight lay would not.

Next up: The Pantry


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