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Maximizing Kitchen Space with an Appliance Garage: What You Need to Know

An open appliance garage with coffee maker, shelves and wallpaper on the back wall
Open Appliance Garage with Wallpaper

An appliance garage is a creative kitchen storage solution used to store small kitchen appliances that would otherwise be visible on an a countertop. The appliance garage is usually a concealed cabinet within the kitchen that allows the small appliances to be neatly organized and easily accessible, but out of sight. Here are some key features and characteristics of an appliance garage:

  1. Concealed Storage: The primary purpose of an appliance garage is to reduce visible clutter on countertops by hiding small appliances, such as blenders, toasters, coffee makers, food processors, and mixers behind the closed cabinet doors.

  2. Easy Access: Appliance garages are typically located near the food prep areas and they have easy to use doors when access to the appliances is needed.

  3. Customization: Have some fun with it. The exterior should match the style and aesthetics of the kitchen, but on the inside you can add a fun wallpaper or art so that even when the garage is open, it has some personality and looks great.

  4. Electrical Outlets and Ventilation: Appliance garages should come equipped with built-in electrical outlets, allowing you to keep appliances plugged in so they are ready for use. Depending on the appliance ventilation may be necessary, so make sure to plan accordingly in the design.

  5. Size & Organization: Make sure to consider what appliances you will keep in the appliance garage and design the width, depth and height accordingly. Also, think about what accessories or other items need to be stored with the appliances and add shelves, pull-out trays, or adjustable dividers to help maximize storage space.


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