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No Green Thumb?! No Problem!

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

No green thumb? No problem! We've all been there before. We buy a cute plant in hopes of bringing some fresh greenery into our home, and we only get to enjoy it for a few weeks before it eventually dies. Trust me, the struggle is real in our office; We can't seem to keep any of our plants alive. Save yourself from another tragic loss and go faux!

Faux Magnolia

Many of our clients want to achieve the realistic botanical look in their homes, but are worried about the upkeep of real houseplants. Many real plant species can be high maintenance, especially if you don't have a green thumb or the right interior conditions (temperature or sunlight). If you fall into this category, don't be afraid to look at the faux options. After all, the only work that usually goes into fake plants or flowers is the occasional dusting.

These aren't your grandma's fake plants. In the past, it may have been taboo to have faux greenery in the house, but the artificial plants that are around these days are pretty amazing. If done right, the faux can even be better than the real. Look for something with natural coloring and veining in the leaves (especially on a fiddle leaf fig). We don't recommend putting two of the same fake plants close to each other. It will emphasize the lack of variation, which makes it more obvious that they aren't real. If you don't like the pot or planter that your greenery comes in, feel free to transfer to a new one that matches the style of your home.

Some faux plants can get a little pricey, but know that you typically get what you pay for. A quality faux plant will look more realistic, and it will last forever, making the investment worth it!


-Try to avoid an "arrangement" of flowers that are too decorative

-Stay away from bright/artificial looking colors

-Simple is always best

-Put faux plants in a new basket or planter

-Don't put two of the same fake plant next to each other

Faux Blossom Branches

Here are some of our favorite plants, baskets, and planters:

Faux Palm Plant

And that's this week's tea.



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